Subtleties of working in webcam in Thailand: income, anonymity and other things.

Working as a webcam model, like any other profession, requires certain knowledge and training. To successfully perform in front of the camera, you need to know exactly what you will do and what features of this work is in Phuket. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read our article where we describe in detail the most important aspects of working in webcam. This information is extremely important for every novice webcam model!

How to maintain anonymity?
The most important and difficult thing in working in webcam is maintaining the anonymity of the model, especially for those who do not want to disclose their way of earning. Some girls openly talk about their work, while others hide this information from friends and relatives for fear of being discovered. Successful models often face attempts at blackmail when attackers threaten to disclose their personal information. However, the administrators of any webcam studio will tell you that it is best not to blackmail and not to communicate with ransomware, as they most often bluff.

A few tips for maintaining anonymity online from CHILL LONG studio:
  1. When communicating with members in online chats, you need to be careful and monitor what information about yourself you tell the audience. Any carelessly dropped word can cause long regrets for you.
  2. Good services for working in webcam allow you to block certain regions for broadcasts, which will reduce the likelihood of accidental meeting with friends in the chat.
  3. If you want to remain anonymous, you should not specify your real name, city of residence, company or university where you studied. For broadcasts, it is advisable to use the original alias that does not intersect with the real name.
  4. To maintain anonymity on webcam services, it is worth using photos that have not been previously published on other social networks. This will help to avoid a simple image search that can reveal your identity.
  5. Also, before entering the chat, it is important to make sure that no sounds from the room will be heard on the broadcast. Location tips, such as magazines, books or souvenirs in the frame, should be avoided.
  6. To maintain anonymity, many girls use cosmetics, wigs or masks that can not only preserve the identity of the girl incognito, but also attract the attention of the members.

How to prepare for the broadcast?
In order for broadcasts to be successful and generate income, webcam models need to be well prepared for them.
  • Organize a comfortable place to work, or find a webcam studio in Thailand with comfortable conditions where separate, well-equipped rooms for models are provided. Visitors pay attention not only to the appearance of the model, but also to the place where the broadcast comes from. Laconic modern interiors look spectacular in the frame, while outdated repairs can alienate the members.
  • To successfully work in the chat, it is necessary to follow several mandatory conditions: have stable internet, use high-quality equipment, competently configure and check the camera, choose the right angle, as well as prevent unnecessary items in the frame. It is also important to make sure that all the necessary items you are going to use during the broadcast are at hand.
  • Before broadcasting to webcam models, you need to think about your image. It is important to feel comfortable, but at the same time look spectacular and original. It is worth considering that the brightness of makeup decreases on the broadcast, so do not be afraid to apply your makeup brighter than you usually do while in Phuket. Also, do not forget about your styling, accessories, well-groomed skin and neat manicure.

Recommendation: users often ask webcam models to show their feet on the air, so it is necessary to pay attention to the beauty of the legs and, in particular, getting pedicures. An innocent request to show your toes should not confuse even the most modest girls.

Communication with the audience
The main source of income for webcam models in Thailand is private chats. Therefore, the girls try to transfer the interested viewer from the free chat there as soon as possible. To do this, models use special tricks - intrigue, motivate, lure. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing here, because members understand that webcam models make money on their communication in private. As in any other job, the model should receive payment for work, so everything is fair.

In order for the Member to want to communicate with you again and again, it is necessary to create an attractive aura and interest him. To do this, it is important to make the conversation comfortable and understand what exactly the viewer expects. Perhaps he wants to communicate on soulful topics, discuss the latest film novelties with an Interesting girl, or maybe he dreams of seeing a spectacular show or talking about intimate topics.

During the broadcast to webcams, the model should always be "included" in communication with members who expect positive emotions and attention from her. If the girl seems bored and uninteresting, the members can leave and watch another broadcast. If you find it difficult to start or maintain a conversation with Members, motivate them to Chat privately or arrange Another online meeting. Consult more experienced colleagues or webcam studio administrators who can share important information.

Earnings in webcam
- Many girls are attracted by working in webcams with the opportunity to earn good money. Models admit that the level of earnings here significantly exceeds their previous salaries, often 2-3 times. This makes webcams in Phuket a more attractive option.

- WorkIng in the webcam industry can be combined with study, so there are many students among the models. You can schedule broadcasts yourself, taking into account your main employment.

Today, the work is available in two formats: through webcam studios or independently, from home.

Cooperating with the studio, the model is an employee. The company takes a percentage for its services, but provides stylish locations for online broadcasts, equipped with all the necessary equipment, information support, mentoring, guarantee of anonymity and translators. The salary is paid on time, and the schedule is drawn up taking into account the wishes of the model. Beginner models are trained, learn about the intricacies of working in this business, receive help in selecting an image and much more.

In addition, webcam studios in Thailand often develop an incentive system for their models - the best of them receive gifts and bonuses, which can be both cash and in the form of, for example, certificates in SPA, beauty salons and so on. The bonus system of studios is motivation for models to develop and make their broadcasts more interesting and effective.

If the webcam model works from home, she needs to solve many issues on her own. First of all, you need to equip a place for broadcasts, choose an image that will attract members, register and correctly fill out your profile on special webcam services. If you have any questions, you need to look for answers yourself, and gain experience by trial and error.

It is often believed that webcam models only make money by undressing and conducting erotic shows. However, this is a misconception.

The model can try to earn money in a common chat, but you can only count on tips in them. The main earnings of the model are obtained by communicating with users in private chats with per-minute billing. The easiest way to lure a user there is with a seductive image and appearance. But not everyone follows intimate shows and nudity in private chats at all. Many people are looking for interesting communication, so the model should be able to support any conversation. The longer the member is in private chat, the more the model will work. The girl gets to decide how she wants to keep the Viewer in the private chat.